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How Children?s Health Coverage Is Changing, In Seven Charts

Health secretary resigns after Obamacare controversy

(The map shows a handful of states with increases, but none were statistically significant.) Oregon was most improved, thanks to a 6.4 percentage point drop in its uninsured rate to 6.0 percent.With private coverage declining generally, public coverage rose in all but three states. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Theres an income gap for childrens health coverage While children at the bottom of the income distribution saw uninsurance rates drop the most, their rates remained much higher than high- or even middle-income children. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) and it exists in every state The gap in coverage by income is widest in Minnesota, where a low-income child is 11.6 times more likely to lack health coverage than a high-income child. (In fairness, the high-income uninsurance rate there is very low, while the rate among low-income children is close to the national average.) In Arkansas, that gap is much smaller: a low-income kid is just 1.6 times more likely to lack coverage than their high-income peers. Some states made big strides toward equalizing coverage rates, with Colorado, Connecticut, Arizona and Oregon all shrinking their income gap by more than 40 percent. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Hispanic children lack coverage at higher rates White, non-white and Hispanic kids all saw their uninsured rates fall. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Hispanic children saw both the biggest declines between 2008 and 2012 and the highest rates of being uninsured.In 2012, they were 2.3 times than twice as likely as white children to lack insurance.In Nebraska, they were 4.8 times as likely as whites to lack coverage, compared to Alaska where they were 0.6 times as likely.The gap between Hispanics and whites is shrinking, though. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) But non-whites are better off in some states While non-whites are 1.3 times as likely as whites to lack health coverage nationally, there http://www.now-health.com/about-us.aspx are five states where the opposite is true: white children are worse off. In Arkansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and South Carolina, whites are more likely to be uninsured than non-whites. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2014/04/11/how-childrens-health-coverage-is-changing-in-seven-charts/

(Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) And there's a concern that premiums may rise for 2015, since many younger, healthier people appear to have sat out open enrollment season. On the political front, congressional Republicans remain implacably opposed to the Affordable Care Act, even as several Republican governors have accepted the law's expansion of safety-net coverage under Medicaid, a program which provides health coverage to the poorest Americans. In nominating Burwell, Obama is signaling that he wants to avoid a contentious election-year fight to fill the post. Burwell was unanimously confirmed by the Senate for her budget post and is well-liked by many Republican lawmakers. A White House official confirmed Sebelius' resignation and Burwell's nomination but requested anonymity because the official wasn't authorized to do so by name ahead of the official announcement. Obama remained publicly supportive of Sebelius throughout the rough rollout, deflecting Republican calls for her resignation. But she was not by his side last week when he heralded the sign-up surge during an event in the White House Rose Garden. The official said the 65-year-old Sebelius approached Obama last month about stepping down, telling him that the sign-up deadline was a good opportunity for a transition and suggesting he would be better served by someone who was less of a political target. A spokeswoman for Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican from Sebelius' home state of Kansas, called the resignation "a prudent decision" given what she called the total failure of Obamacare implementation. A popular former governor of Kansas, Sebelius has been one of Obama's longest-serving Cabinet officials and his only HHS secretary. http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/2014/04/11/obama-sebelius-health-secretary-resignation/7589727/

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